As plant-based bloggers, we have gained inspiration & valuable knowledge from a variety of sources. A combination of true inner passion, extensive reading and listening to discussions & debates all contribute to a lifelong commitment of living a plant-based lifestyle.

Here’s a list of useful references will help not only your understanding of the mass food industries but how people’s attitudes are formed & where their influences and opinions come from.

Websites/blogs we visit regularly: – A hugely resourceful wellness & fitness blog dedicated to enriching people’s lives through online nutrition, exercise & wellbeing advice. – Author of bestselling book “Finding Ultra” a former forty something addict turned vegan ultra-athlete. Rich Roll has a blog, ecommerce business & popular podcast dedicated to nutrition, fitness & wellness with a host of different guests each week. – A wide scope of information & recipes for vegans and plant-based people alike who want informative resources & advice.

In addition to these, visiting other plant-based and raw recipe blogs helps provide a great understanding of the amazing and wonderful meals which can be created without animal products.

Author of many interesting food industry books – Michael Pollan.
The china study – T.Colin Campbell Phd. Probably the most influential book backing a lifestyle deicated to plants & whole food.
Meatonomics – David Robinson Simon. A great read, discussing how America’s food industries are influencing the consumer to the point of “brainwashing.”
Whole – T.Colin Campbell Phd. From a true expert in food nutrition. Informative and very interesting, food really does heal! Discusses why the food industries function the way they do.
My beef with meat – Rip Esselstyn. Rip discusses how a plant-based lifestyle can transform lives and provide real health benefits, includes some great healthy recipes.
The Gerson Therapy – Charlotte Gerson. This tells you how to give your body an extreme amount of nutritional support, really explores serious illnesses and how these can be approached through diet.

Food matters. (2008) – Examines in depth how the food we eat can help or harm our health.
Earthlings. (2005) – Narration by Joaquin Phoenix & music by Moby (both vegans!) An eye-opening & graphic “behind the scenes” look at the food industries globally, their greed for profit and mistreatment of animals.
Forks over knives. (2011) – Powerful documentary examining the claim that most, if not all, degenerative diseases can be controlled or reversed with a plant-based diet.
Got the facts on milk? (2008) – Comical and fast-paced documentary looking at the “health benefits” of milk & how the corrupt dairy industries spend their millions on marketing.
Hungry for change (2012) – Shocking secrets exposed: Our diet, weight loss & food industries and their deceptive strategies to keep you coming back for more!
Food, Inc. (2008) – A look into America’s overly-controlled food industries while the west is following suit.
These are some of the top documentaries we’ve watched, it’s certainly not an exclusive list….there’s more!

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