chia puddingMy November resolutions are to eat more chia and to get stuck into this chocolate, banana and nut fiasco at least once per week! What a combo this is and a great way to get a my chia nutritional fix. It’s not hard to stick to these resolutions at all. Easy process - chia pudding

This chocolate, banana + peanut chia pudding is super simple and can be prepped the night before for a next day nutrient dense pick me up. The chia seeds just need to soak up the lovely liquid and you’re ready to go. I blend mine for a smooth mousse-like consistency but it’s equally delicious left as is for that chia tapioca vibe. Of course it doesn’t need caramel sauce but that’s besides the point, add it anyway cos it’s beyond delicious. Just in case you wanted to know, I devoured both of these and enjoyed every last scrap.2 chia puddings

I’m monkeys, I’m nuts, just full on head over heels for this chia pudding and for very good reason too. It’s more than an instant energising and transportable snack, much much more:

gluten + dairy free
rich in omega 3
iron rich
high protein
good source of fibre
high in potassium
low in sugar
breakfast or pudding

She ticks every box. Get some chia and get chia pudding-ing. Chia pudding + caramel sauce

Chocolate, banana + peanut chia pudding

(serves 2)

30 grams chia seed
1 cup almond milk
4 dates
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1 tablespoon maple syrup

banana, sliced
puffed rice, granola
caramel sauce
anything your heart desires


1. Soak the chia seeds + dates in the almond milk for 1 hour or leave overnight. Add the soaked mixture to the blender with the remaining pudding ingredients + blend until smooth + mousse like.
2. Serve in a glass dish, layered with toppings of choice but my advice is bananas,  peanuts + caramel sauce. Enjoy this tonne of yumminess you just made.

16 comments on “Chocolate, Banana + Peanut Chia Pudding (GF + Vegan)”

  1. Tried it. LOVED IT! I probably wouldn’t put the dates in again, and next time, I will not use maple syrup but just blend banana in it. GOOD!

    • Hi Sue, this will be fine without the banana as the chia is the main thickener- just be sure not to add too much liquid. I like adding bananas purely for the taste and a bit of bulk. Avocados would be really good too if you did want to replace 🙂 thanks, Charlotte

  2. love this recipe had to use almond butter instead of peanut but was still yummy, love your site my son is gluten free and I a dairy free and always conscious of what foods to do as I don’t like processed ones your site has given me lots of good ideas thank you!

    • Hi Joanne! Thanks for your lovely comment. Almond butter sounds like an even better addition to me, I’ll have a go myself! Thanks, Charlotte

    • Hi there! I’m afraid I don’t calculate calorie contents but prefer to focus on whole and healthy ingredients. Charlotte 🙂

    • Hi Grace. Thanks for your comment – this would be fine however you’ll get a slightly different flavour as dates give a toffee/caramel flavour but will still be as delicious i’m sure!

  3. I didn’t put in the dates and maple syrup, but used 1 tablespoon of Starbucks cocoa powder instead. It tastes amazing. Though I wonder if the seeds are supposed to break down in the blender. Coz mine didn’t. Do I need to use my powerful smoothie blender for this? ( i used the crummy small one this time)

    • Hi Kendra, thanks for the comment. Yes we’d recommend you use your more powerful smoothie blender for this to ensure the seeds are all broken down.
      Let us know how it goes!

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