Banana Nicecream – No Dairy, Fat or Sugar

banana ice cream

It’s that crazy time of year when everything just seems in excess; an obscenely huge selection of food, alcohol you would never usually drink (advocaat and Baileys anyone?), extravagant gifts we can’t afford, social expectations turning into obligations, shops packed to the brim with enthusiastic shoppers, television commercials telling us we need just one more thing and a minor meltdown when we realise we forgot the cranberry sauce. How could we possibly go ahead without this!? This stuff is tiring in a period of my life when I’m trying to detox in every sense of the word, embrace my inner minimalist, reduce everything, less is more as a mantra, de-clutter and simplify. Yes, simplify. Why make things more complicated than they need to be? It’s all very simple really and this ice cream is a celebration of less is more. But don’t be fooled, it’s pretty amazing stuff.

It’s free. Free from everything but wholesome goodness.

Liberated from unnecessary additives. simply banana ice cream

Completely unadulterated.

Happy to be just as it is and it doesn’t care what you think.  DSC_8905



You get the picture right?

1 beautiful ingredient. Bananas.just bananas, frozen bananas

Nature’s offering of whole food plant powered ice cream. It’s banana nicecream.

There’s no sugar, no dairy and no fat. Hallelujah!banana ice cream with caramel + nuts

It doesn’t get any simpler. It doesn’t get any better either.

Less is more. Most of the time anyway.

Banana Nicecream

Freeze your bananas for at least 4 hours + blend away until creamy. The Vitamix does a terrific job. Eat as soft serve or freeze for a harder consistency.

4 comments on “Banana NiceCream – No Dairy, No Fat + No Sugar”

  1. I love frozen banana icecream – its delicious with a little bit of raw cacao blended in too 🙂 You’re right about this time of year, everyone goes into overdrive and excessive mode! We’re managing to keep things fairly simple in our household this year and have foregone presents in favour of a holiday next year instead. Social expectations/obligations are a whole other issue though! Enjoy your holidays 🙂

    • So nice to hear I’m not the only one, Christmas time is full on stress around here which is why I usually go abroad every year so great idea with planning a holiday next year! We’re off to India today for 3 weeks and I cannot wait! Hope you have a great Christmas break too 🙂

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