Thanks for visiting! Here’s the who/what/why behind this plant-based recipe and wellness blog. When we started the blog, there were just two of us – now there are three 🙂 we’re Charlotte, Russell and Eden. Now more than ever, food is the central focus to our values and plant based lifestyle. Prior to our daughter entering the world, Charlotte had a uncomplicated, normal and healthy plant based pregnancy.

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Our view on the standard western diet is that it’s just not working and people are getting sicker and more unhealthy!
Excessive meat, dairy and processed foods are causing obesity, salt & sugar addiction (to name a few problems) and people are more dependent on medical treatment to help them ‘manage’ their lives.
It’s definitely not pretty.

Is being a plant based family difficult? Essentially we eat a healthy diet without animal products and all three of us eat the same food. Of course people inevitably ask where our protein and calcium comes from, what Eden will be eating etc…the usual questions, but essentially no it’s not difficult. We hope to use this blog to show you how easy it can be!

We all know children thrive eating fresh food, therefore heaps of sugar, sweeteners and artificial additives aren’t going to help anyone however old or young. If you start children off on this path, they’ll only struggle to eat their veggies later!

So we want the blog to be educational and informative – showing the high quality tasty and varied food we can all get from plants and whole foods.

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We’re a healthy family because healthy feels good, looks good and tastes good and our recipes will closely focus on whole plant based meals, snacks, desserts and more. This blog aims to let you into our lives and what we’re about.

Thanks for following us, we hope you enjoy and remember you can contact us about anything here.

2 comments on “about us”

  1. I like that:

    “We’re a healthy family because healthy feels good, looks good and tastes good . . .”

    Thank You! for blogging.

    Having just discovered chickpea flour this week (via Burmese chickpea tofu) I am looking forward to trying the sweet potato + paprika omelette.

    • Hi John. Thanks so much for visiting the blog, great to have you. We really believe i the power of natural foods, simple cooking and just using whole ingredients for optimal health and feeling good.
      Please let us know how the chickpea flour recipe works for you?
      Russell & Charlotte 😉

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