Vegan chocolate cake

Dairy Free Chocolate Birthday Cake

No not my birthday, mine’s July! I took this to my brother’s 40th tea party at my Mum’s house. She’s a good kid. So yeah, when you go over to the vegan side, mainstream cake is like really hard- eggs, butter, milk etc. It’s one big animal party in a cake. The thing is I […]

healthy diet pregnancy

Being Pregnant + Vegan

Pregnancy has been harder than I thought what with the weight gain, nausea and numerous other weird physical side effects (!) but I tell you something, it’s that much harder being pregnant AND vegan! Like really hard. Not in a diet and ‘oh geez, what can I eat?’ way but in a socially acceptable way. […]

running pregnant

Running During Pregnancy + Reasons to Continue

Running is definitely a big part of my life, I really do LOVE it. I’ve been running for 11 plus years with a 39 minute 10K and a 3.04 Marathon time under my belt. So although I’m no Paula or Kara, I was still pretty good for an amatuer. I say ‘was’ because I really […]

Vegan boiled fruit cake

Super Healthy + Quick Boiled Fruit Cake 100% Vegan + Wholegrain

I love dried fruit so it’s no shock that fruit cake is one of my favourite cakes. Actually, it IS my favourite cake. Raisins, sultanas, dates, apricots, currants, cranberries, blueberries – all of ‘em, I love them. So it was hard for me growing up with a sister who picked the raisins out of her […]

christmas stuffed peppers

Christmas Stuffed Peppers

Ha ha ha! Christmas stuffed peppers, I know, I know! I did this months ago (like in DECEMBER!) but then I kinda got pregnant and I felt sick. Really really sick. Like all the delicious food I lusted after I suddenly hated! I lost all my energy, I was tired and let the blog slip. […]

polenta taco pizza

Polenta Taco Pizza (Gluten Free + Vegan)

Who doesn’t like pizza? I really like it but rarely eat it these days seeing as it is so hard to find gluten free or even healthier alternatives. I just don’t have the stomach for doughy, heavy, stretchy glutenous pizza bases. Which is why I love (am loving!) polenta based pizzas! Not only does it […]

roasted chick pea

Sweet Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas

Everything tastes better roasted. Fact. It really does. nuts, seeds, veggies, garlic and now chick peas too. I am a little late to the roasted chick pea party but I’m here now so that’s all that matters. I’m still a little too impressed with how these turned out and are nothing like a soaked chick […]

cabbage fritta

Spiced Cabbage Fritters

I’ve been home from India a month now and I’m still not craving indian food, oops, potential overload maybe!? Oh god, what have I done to myself, I fear I will never eat a bowl of dahl again :-O This is weird for me as I’m usually a 2 curries a week kinda girl so […]

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